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Introduction to and Highlights of Martin's Blessed Words
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God's Plan for Man

The Holy Bible
of the
New Age of Love and Peace

Martinís Original Writings

The following pages are excerpts from Martinís Original Writings. In very brief form, most of the concerns expressed in this book have been included. Hopefully, these words will be the catalyst to move our thoughts and actions into the light and thereby bring the promise of The New Age of Love and Peace into our lives.

Part of the Introduction

These writings came through my pen. The words are not mine. Over a period of time I was called upon to put on paper words which I was told from the beginning were the words of God.

The voice that spoke through my pen I knew as Martin. Starting in late July, 1991 and ending in October of that year, I would be awakened each morning, usually before dawn, and would be told to take my pen in hand and write. I do not know how to describe exactly the actual experience of that writing. I did not consciously hear the words and then transcribe. The hearing, if it can be called that, and the actual penning of the words were simultaneous. The words flowed through me and through my pen with no thought on my part. Rarely was there any interruption in the smoothness of the writing from the first word to the last for that day. Once in a great while there would be a pause and I would simply wait, pen in hand, for the words to come again. These pauses were a matter of seconds, certainly not as long as a minute.

It was gradually revealed to me that Martin, who had been described by the other spirits as God's strongest angel and the angel of new souls, was indeed God Himself, and that God had, as is stated in these pages, repeatedly visited earth as man, most recently as Martin Phee who died in Chicago in 1974, the father of Liz Martin in that life. I had been told much earlier that Martin and I had been soulmates over the centuries and then later that we had been separated in this earthly life in order to do what Martin describes as "this holy work", to convey to the world knowledge of God's plan for man in the Age of Love and Peace, to speak of the mysteries of life and death heretofore unknown, to reveal the reason for earthly existence and the inevitability of oneness with God. In one sense this is a manual for living in the Age of Love and Peace, a set of principles and practices which if adopted will inevitably lead man to the love which is essential to both perfect happiness and perfect peace.

This book is then God's gift to man in the Age of Love and Peace, words of love written by a God of love to His children. There is no greater gift.

Godís Plan for Man

In the beginning man was by created by God to populate the earth, and God designed man in such a way. God sent these soulmates chosen by Him to found the dynasty of man. He sent them to all corners of the earth to evolve into the divine being that is now man. On the way all the creatures of the earth evolved. These creatures appeared and disappeared over the millennia as earth approached its zenith, but man endured always, distinguished from other creatures by his God given soul. This spark of divinity was passed on generation to generation along with the need to love and be loved.

Understand that love is the key element in God's world and was from the beginning. With love there was harmony on earth. Without love there was chaos. Throughout the history of the world there has been evil only in the absence of love. God wills man to love, and when man listens to the voice of God, peace prevails in that man's soul. When he becomes separated from God and fails to know love and to give love, anguish and pain prevail. When nations fail to do God's will and love one another, war erupts and all men suffer.

The answer to all the problems of the world today is love. This has been said many times by many people, but few have listened. Man has edged closer and closer to self destruction as he has failed to hear God's admonition that without love there is nothingness, but there is a great hunger growing among all the peoples of the earth for a world of love and peace. There is a hunger for knowledge certain of God's plan for the universe, and God has decided that it is time to satisfy that hunger. He will reveal in these pages the divine plan in the hope that all the peoples of the world, all His beloved children, will listen closely and be guided back to the power, the overwhelming power, of love ---- love for self, love for each other, and love for God above all. Love creates miracles. Love brings joy and exultation. Love heals. Love binds us together and brings us happiness. God's plan is a plan of love.


Before long God saw that man had not realized the importance of love. Before long man had succumbed to the temptations of greed and he had forgotten the absolute necessity of love. God saw that the only option for man was to relearn the lessons of love, and He chose to send His angels to earth to remind man of the need for love. These angels took human form and became teachers. They were born in the normal fashion and lived normal human lives but emerged as great spiritual leaders. Their names were Mohammed, Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Telemachus, Horace, and Brigham Young. There were lesser teachers, but these angels become man were the notable leaders. They reminded man of his origins, and reminded him that he had a duty to love God and his fellow man above all other things. They established religions designed to constantly remind man of the infinite power and presence of God and to persuade him to set aside worldly things and to turn to things of the spirit. In some cases these religions succeeded in this persuasion, but in all too many cases those in charge of administering religious affairs set themselves up in positions of authority and got between man and his God. The concept of love as a ruling force was lost in a maze of dogma. Man was left with rituals devoid of meaning, and left with the illusion that he was worshiping God when he was truly worshiping himself. He lost the sense of brotherhood that is an essential part of God's plan, and he turned to violence instead of to love to achieve his aims.

Religion did little to stop this destructive behavior. In all places there were men and women who heard the voice of God and heard His admonition to love themselves and each other and above all God Himself, but these men and women were as voices crying in the wilderness. Their voices were drowned out by the babble of greed, lust, and violence that marked the departure of man from the protection of God's love.

Through the ages, this violence came to exist on all levels. Man fought with man. Nation fought with nation. Cataclysms of war shook the universe, and there seemed to be no room in the world for the word of God that spoke of love and brotherhood. Science joined in the spread of violence until the weapons of destruction threatened the very existence of the planet.

Spiritual Communication

After God established the fact that love was the answer to all things, He devised a method to get man to listen. He sent His angels as teachers to live in the hearts of men and tell them of God and His love. These teachers know the hearts and minds of their students. They know their every thought every hour of every day. They speak to their students of God's love and God's will and make every effort to have the students hear their messages. These teachers work very hard to help their students make spiritual progress. In some cases they are able to communicate directly with their students who are able to hear the voices of their teachers in their heads. In other cases a method of communication is needed, and a ouija board serves the purpose. The ouija board is a much maligned instrument of communication. It is most often treated as a toy. It is not a toy. It is and has been in different forms through the centuries a medium of communication for spirits to reach humans.

The board is not to be used lightly or irreverently. The board will not respond to all persons equally. Every individual has the capacity to use the board for spiritual communication, but this ability is more developed in some humans than in others. It is not a matter of practice. It is a matter of openness. If the board is used with reverence by someone to whom the spirits will respond, communication with the spirit world is there for the asking, but this communication at no time should be treated frivolously. There is a great need for some humans to communicate with the spirit world, and there is a great need for some spirits to communicate with their loved ones on earth. Both purposes are served by the board. There is, however, a dark side to the use of the ouija board, even by those who are reverent and receptive.

The ouija board is an acceptable means of communication. It is not the ideal way, but it is acceptable if the board is used reverently by someone who is open to the messages of the spirits. There is no question that the best means of communication between the spirit and the human is telepathy. And there is no question that many humans have this ability, but many do not use it and they thereby deprive themselves of communication with the spirit world.

Christís Message and God Incarnate

Christ's message was simple. Love your fellow man and love God. His disciples wrote that Christ above all demanded good works. He did not demand mighty churches. He did not demand elaborate ceremonies and panoplies. He did not demand a hierarchy of priests. Above all Christ preached simplicity. He preached the need for the lowliest of God's creatures to be treated as the highest. And to that end, God has repeatedly visited the earth in the guise of man. He has walked the streets of the world. He has been your friend, your neighbor. He has been a beggar. He has been a prince. Over the centuries God has assumed human form and lived ordinary human lives, enjoyed ordinary human pleasures, suffered ordinary human sorrows. He has returned, as have all other souls, ignorant of His divine origin with the intention of exhibiting to man the power of love, the absolute necessity of love. He has died ordinary human deaths. He has been mourned by his human families and remembered by them with love. He has watched with sorrow as He saw the message of Christ's death and resurrection forgotten. He has watched with sorrow as the outward forms of religious practices have become in so many cases meaningless exercises. He has watched with sorrow the failure of religious organizations to follow the simplicity of Christ's teaching of love.

This is not to say that all religions are to be condemned in this way. There are a few religions that meet God's criteria. Their actions reflect their faith, and their leaders actively encourage and demand acts of charity. In addition, within many religious organizations there are, as I have said, individuals and small groups that practice God's teaching of love and giving.

I speak primarily here of Christian sects, but beyond these groups there is a need for reassessment of religious organizations. God is not a God of Christians alone. Christ did not die alone for those who call themselves Christians. He died for all men, and he died in protest. He died in protest of intolerance, of bigotry, of man's failure to love his fellow man, of a world not aware of and not practicing the total fellowship of man in love.

Need for Reform of the Justice System

The entire system of justice worldwide must be changed. We call it justice and that is a misnomer. It is rather a series of ineffective attempts to take the criminals off the streets, temporarily in most cases. Society needs to examine closely the root causes of crime. Take drugs. Although the reasons for drug use are varied, they have a few common causes. First of all, escape. Man is constantly looking for escape if his life lacks love and self esteem. The very young are particularly susceptible to the temptations of drug use. Frequently they have no concept of its insidiousness. Often they are responding to peer pressure. In cases where the individual has a degree of self esteem and the capacity to love and be loved, experimentation with drugs remains just that. In other cases, a dependency on drugs grows and becomes a dominating factor in the life of the user.

Drug prevention and correction programs as they now exist are largely ineffective. Sporadic efforts are made with the young to persuade them to avoid the use of drugs entirely and are of limited effectiveness. Programs exist in schools in the classroom while drugs are freely sold and traded in the corridors. This not to say that such programs should be abandoned, but such programs should be revised after a careful examination of their effectiveness.

Drug use has been called a victimless crime, and in the narrow sense of the word it is, but the implications of drug use need further examination. Drug use is rampant among the economically disadvantaged because the buying and selling of drugs is a profitable business.

Legitimizing drugs is anathema to many, but those crying out in protest against legitimizing drugs have no effective alternatives to suggest. Punishment in our legal systems has been seen to be almost totally ineffective. Each society will have to chart its own course as to how it goes about legitimizing and controlling drug use and determining how revenues formerly amassed by dealers and suppliers can be used. The use of such revenues should, however, be primarily involved with continual efforts to eliminate drug use as completely as possible both by continuing education and by eliminating the root causes of drug use. The process will be slow, but progress will be inevitable, and the New Age of Love and Peace will go down in history as the beginning of the end of a drug dominated world. This is God's wish for man.

Manís Deterioration Into War

At the end of the Age of Enlightenment man succumbed to covetousness and embraced conflict as a method of achieving his ends. He forsook the wisdom of his philosopher priests and embraced a philosophy of materialism and self indulgence. The cause of this decline was a growing arrogance, a reluctance to surrender will and to admit to a higher power. In all ages this has been the cause of the decline of civilizations. It is clear today that the world is in chaos because its leaders have assumed for generations that they hold the reins of power absolutely, that there is no power higher than that of earthly authority. The result is constant conflict, with each earthly leader confident that his is the right cause, that he will triumph in any struggle, that he has the answers to man's needs, and that he can achieve his ends with brute force and strength of arms.

Regard the world today. There are few places where conflict does not rage, where people do not go hungry so that their leaders may stockpile arms and the other accouterments of war. Regard the covetousness that rules the hearts of the leaders of the world today, a hunger for personal power, for personal aggrandizement, for constant expansion of national frontiers, and for constant superiority over their neighbors. Regard the failure of the leaders of the world over the past several generations to consider the will of the people. Consider the spilling of blood and the enmity engendered among people, so that when conflict temporarily ceases there has been no solution, only a temporary postponement of further conflict, The peoples of the world are led into the insanity of this kind of constant conflict by their leaders who tell them that their neighbors are their enemies, not their friends, that national borders are to be protected at all cost, no matter how dreadful the toll, and that armed conflict is the total answer. Peace has become a momentary lull in the business of war and exists only temporarily in one part of the world or another. The poorest countries on earth feel that the road to progress lies in emulating their more powerful brothers in the waging of war within their borders, with each leader vying for personal power regardless of the effect on the people of that country. War for the sake of war has become the answer to all national and international problems.

Steps To Be Taken

Let me be very specific. God's plan is for all the governments of the world, large and small, to take upon themselves the job of reorganization of priorities and of putting forth a massive effort to insure that the trappings of government are shed in favor of governments that are designed simply to serve the average citizen. There should be no concern for public defense, and there should be no need for defense. All the nations of the world should lay aside their weapons of destruction and turn instead to the production of those creature comforts which will permit all the people of each country to live in an environment so adequate that it permits the fostering of self esteem and fellowship among men.

To this end governments should do several things. Each nation must look carefully at its economic structure. Each nation must carefully discern what part of this structure needs to be dismantled or revised. Each nation should decentralize its economic structure as completely as possible as soon as possible. The massive costs of supporting a top heavy often ineffective central government must be reduced if not eliminated. This will not be easy. Those in power and those grasping for power in the capitals of the world will not easily surrender their monopoly on control of public funds. They will not easily surrender their powers of taxation and dispensation of public moneys, but surrender they must. The individual will not much longer tolerate economic systems which destroy individual initiative by punitive taxation when these funds are used in ways which benefit those who govern rather than those who are governed.

Within each nation those governing must insure that the least of its citizens must be housed, clothed, fed, and educated adequately. Each nation must devise social programs to achieve this goal, but it should not be done as it is at present. In nations where there is now adequate wealth to achieve this end, the bureaucracy of governmental control over welfare and other programs must be eliminated. People should be given the opportunity to be gainfully employed, and failing that they should be given funds adequate to their needs out of the public treasury. This not to say that God condones those who are unwilling to work and to contribute to the public good. Indeed work is essential not only to the common good but to the development of a sense of self esteem. There should be programs locally based wherever possible where those not gainfully employed and supported by public funds should be required to contribute time and effort toward making their communities better places to live.

Need for Changes in Education

There is never enough energy within any given community presently to meet its every need. Take schools. The schools in most of the advanced nations are woefully inadequate both in curriculum and in manpower. There should be revisions to the curriculum to meet more closely the needs of the students in the New Age of Love and Peace. That is not to say that the old curriculum should be abandoned. Much of this traditional curriculum is good and necessary for the continuation of traditional values where those values are based on love. Where those values are not based on love there should be change.

There should no longer be the emphasis that exists now on competition and rivalry among students. The emphasis should be upon shared experiences in learning which generate love and helpfulness. This is not to say that discipline should be abandoned. The young need discipline to feel loved and protected. There should be very specific demands made upon each student, but the demands should never exceed the student's ability to meet those demands. A spirit of love and self esteem should be fostered at all times and in all places.

This deterioration in the education of the young is intolerable. Do not think that it will be a simple matter to change from chaos to order, from imprisonment to freedom, from self hatred to self love, but it can be done. Begin with the youngest. Take a new generation of young minds and shape them in the new way. Lavish your love and your attention on the very beginners in education. Let the process start in the first years of schooling and let the new methods follow and grow with the children. All societies will be gratified with the results.

First, again and always, there must be love. That love must be exhibited in a number of ways. The students must be told constantly by their teachers that they are loved --- loved by their parents or caretakers, loved by their teachers and teacher's aides, loved by each other, and loved by God. That is not to say that there should be any specific religious teaching. God can be defined as the spiritual head of the universe, the being who rules the sun and the stars, the moons and the oceans, and whose love for man knows no bounds. There can be many approaches to God, but the young should be taught that God is love, that God demands that love to be freely given and freely received, that God has no other single demand, for if there is love, there is truth, and if there is love, there is beauty, and if there is love there is peace. If love prevails in the classroom all else follows. There is learning, there is fellowship, there is godliness.

The Doctrine of Individual Responsibility

Finally, man must come to God. He must realize that God's single requirement of man is to love --- to love without regard to reciprocation of love, to love without regard to the lovability of the receiver of his love, to love from the pure goodness of his heart and soul. Purity of love is the ultimate goal. God loves the pure in heart, those who give love freely and unconditionally and whose love never ceases, never demands, never questions. When the world achieves purity of love, the Age of Love and Peace will be here, for what God says of the individual man is equally true of his immediate society, the larger society, and the nations of the world.

Let your leaders become not those who seek power and might and who deal in aggression and war, but those who seek to serve their fellow man in love and peace. Learn to discern these leaders in all fields of society and seek to learn from their wisdom, to emulate their loving methods, and to put your trust in the gentle persuasion of love rather than the brutal persuasion of aggression. The brute of aggression may achieve brief attainment of its goals, but it lies cowering, ready to strike again when man forgets the joy of peace and lapses into the terrors of aggression and war.

Think not that all these great achievements required of man will happen overnight, but happen they will, happen they must. Each of God's creatures must take the first step toward love --- love of self first, love of his fellow man second, and love of God above all last. This is a natural progression. When the first step toward total love has been taken, the second step becomes easier and the soul rejoices in the pleasures of a life of love. Love given is love received. Love nourishes the soul of the giver more than the soul of the receiver, but both are blessed. In turn this love given and received grows in the hearts of the giver and receiver and is freely offered to the rest of the fellow men each encounters. Above all man should remember that love begets love, that love freely offered is God's gift to man and man's gift to man and man's gift to God. This is the foundation of the New Age of Love and Peace. This is God's word. Let man hear God's word in his heart and his mind and let him live in accordance with this word at all times and in all places. That is God's wish for His children --- love and peace.

The Need for Equal Opportunity

The next thing that is essential to the implementation of the New Age of Love and Peace is to see to it that all men are treated as equals, that is that society offers them equal access to its riches. This is not to say that there should be radical redistribution of wealth, although the inequities in current ownership of wealth need to be corrected, but rather that all men should be offered the opportunity for education and training commensurate with their talents and abilities. Each child should be given the loving education described earlier, and this education should continue until the child reaches adulthood with the skills necessary to achieve whatever life goals he has set for himself. Then it becomes the responsibility of the leadership to insure that he has the opportunity to make a living at all times.

This can be done in a number of ways. First, society should look to the needs of its citizens and see that no man lacks a decent place to live. If there is a need for more and more adequate housing, the government should take the responsibility for providing such housing and utilize the skills of its citizens in all phases of construction of such dwelling places. This is not to say that the government should have complete control. Control should be in the hands of the citizens, with the government responsible for the conscientious dispensation of public funds. Those who are in need of housing should have a strong voice in determining the type and location of their dwelling places. The demands of space may result in a greater concentration of living quarters in the cities of the world, great blocks of buildings housing hundreds of families, but these huge buildings should be constructed in such a way that light and air pervade each dwelling place, that all have access to an outdoor area, no matter how small, that all are equipped with whatever labor saving devices society boasts of at the time. In other words, the least economically advantaged of citizens should have a dwelling the equal in its basic comforts as the dwelling place of the most advantaged.

How, you ask, can society afford to provide such comfort --- some would call it luxury --- to its most needy citizens, and the answer is that society cannot afford not to. We have seen an era in which great blocks of our major world cities have deteriorated into slums of degradation and danger. We have seen generations of children corrupted by their environment, hopelessly trapped in the atmosphere of poverty, despair, drugs, and degradation. Society must now act or this disease will intensify and spread and those communities will deteriorate further.

Tax and Welfare Reform

When I speak of the orderly dispensation of funds by the government I refer to those moneys collected by the authorities as taxes paid by the citizens in direct proportion to their ability to pay. There should not be confiscatory taxation of the very rich, but they should pay a greater portion of their total wealth. There should be an end to the temptations of tax evasion and cheating in avoiding the payment of just taxes.

The central government should be solely responsible for collecting taxes and these taxes should represent a percentage of the total income of the family. The percentage should be scaled in accordance with the total earnings. There should be generous deductions for dependents of all kinds ---children, natural or adopted, parents, other relatives supported by the individual. Every concession should be made to encourage man to care for his extended family. Beyond that there should be no provision for deductions. Abolish the vast bureaucracies that exist in all countries and call themselves tax collectors. Establish a simple accounting system that controls the process of determining moneys owed and the collecting and dispensation of such moneys. The greatest proportion of these moneys collected should be returned to the communities in greatest need.

This will require a government of total honesty and total devotion to meeting the needs of its citizens. Such a vision is not purely utopian. It is within the grasp of each nation. The mechanics of such a system of taxation and dispensation of public funds will vary from country to country and community to community. In the richer countries a portion of funds collected should be used to help nations less fortunate to produce the means of economic success and to become self sustaining. A portion of funds returned to the community should be used as direct subsidy to those unable to work because of physical or mental disabilities and to those temporarily unable to find gainful employment. This is not to be considered what is now called welfare or the dole, but is to be considered a just return of public funds to the citizens either permanently or temporarily in need of help from their fellow citizens. There should be no bureaucracy involved in this dispensation of public funds beyond simple accounting. There should be no disgrace or humiliation involved. There should only be an awareness that all men are motivated by love of themselves, their fellow men, and of God, and that in the New Age of Love and Peace man will realize in every phase of his life, social as well as economic, that God's bounty is to be shared.

Manís Responsibilities

First of all man must recognize the areas of concern. I have spoken about the need for productive nations to aid those less able to produce for themselves. This must immediately become a major effort on a worldwide basis. Those nations possessing the technology must assume the responsibility of sharing their knowledge with the less developed nations and supplying them with both the knowledge and the equipment they need to produce the foodstuffs which will make them as self sufficient as their natural resources allow. There must be an end to famine in this world, and the effort to end famine must be universal, shared by each nation on earth. This is man's obligation to man and cannot be ignored.

Secondly, man must cease to waste nature's resources which are limited in nature. He must devise methods of production which are more effective and enable him to tap those resources which are in greater supply for his basic needs. I speak here of the need, once again, to employ solar and nuclear power worldwide for energy use. These technologies are currently in their infancy, and it is incumbent upon the scientific community to make every effort to perfect the uses of solar and nuclear energy as soon as is possible with the maximum effort. This is a major obligation of all the powers with the scientific capacity to do it, and it is their obligation to share their knowledge and technology with those nations incapable of producing this technology themselves. This effort will require world wide cooperation immediately.

This is a time of crisis in the history of the earth. Nations unable to produce enough material goods to supply their populations need massive aid in all these areas to achieve a balance between the needs of their people and the capacity of the nation to meet those needs. The effort must involve all nations, great and small. Old animosities must be forgotten in this massive effort, and all sense of rivalry among nations must be discarded. The only rivalry should be to achieve the most in this great effort. The need is clear. Man is in control of his own destiny and he has the God given capacity to do all the things necessary to use well the resources of the earth and to create an environment of love and peace in which all men will share fully in earth's bounty. This is God's plan.

The Problem of Nationalism

There are other areas of concern in God's plan. Man must consider the problems involved in the unification of men in the endeavors of the New Age of Love and Peace. As governments are now constituted, man is bound by nationalistic pride to regard those from other nations as a threat with regard to territory. Man should be mindful of the fact that by and large national boundaries are man made, accidents of history, and not to be regarded as sacrosanct. How is it that when man migrates from one geographic area to another he casts off his old feelings of nationalism and assumes new loyalties to his adopted land? His children, in turn, feel little if any loyalty to the land of their fathers and mothers, and accept totally a new nationalism, that of their land of birth. In some countries the feelings of nationalism are more sharply focused based on ethic identity. Man tends to forget the universal nature of the brotherhood of man and clings to a narrow national, ethnic, or racial identity which robs him of the greater vision of men as brothers.

Gradually man should work toward the elimination of national boundaries in favor of a worldwide organization of brotherhood. Government should be handed back to the people on as local a level as possible so that true participation in governing may be enjoyed by those governed. This will not be an easy task. There is a need for national and international governmental bodies, but these should be designed to facilitate economic assistance and cooperation, to administer and dispense public moneys wisely and honestly to best meet the needs of all men, and to maintain effective communication among the peoples of the world so that conflict will be avoided, so that fellowship and brotherhood will flourish, and so that man will know the joy of peace at all times and in all places. All of this will become possible and inevitable when man knows the joy of loving his neighbor as himself and acting in that belief. When man loves man there is trust. When man loves man, nation loves nation. When nation loves nation, there is peace in the world. When there is peace in the world love flourishes and man becomes ruler of his own inner kingdom --- his heart and his soul --- and he resists the blandishments of greed and nationalism. He embraces his fellow man in love as his brother, and his brother, receiving this love, returns it tenfold and the cycle of love, having been established in the human heart, rules the world. This is God's wish for man. This is God's way.

The Dangers of Great Wealth.

Beyond nationalism, the New Age of Love and Peace is threatened by the covetousness of nations and individuals for possession of earth's bounty whether it be land, resources, wealth or other manifestations of greed. Man needs to learn that once his basic needs have been met comfortably and he is able to meet the needs of those dependent upon him for their material well being, whether those dependents be members of his immediate or extended family or those he chooses to care for, he must recognize that any additional wealth in whatever form should be used for other purposes.

Man should not amass wealth simply for the sake of amassing wealth. Such greed has several unfortunate results. First of all, it corrupts the individual. Society has throughout history witnessed the unhappy downfall of men so dedicated to the amassing of wealth that they forget all else. They become empty shells themselves, devoid of love for anything but the clink of coins and the adulation they feel the world feels for them. In truth, they are generally despised by their fellow men who make a great outward show of respect and attention. There have been some men in history with a genius for accumulating wealth who have not lost their souls in the process, who saw the need to use their great wealth for philanthropic purposes and whose names in some cases are synonymous with philanthropy.

This is not to say that man must avoid the accumulation of wealth entirely. There are some better able to make money than others. Many men take pride and pleasure in the pursuits that result in wealth. This is to say, however, that these men must recognize the point of sufficiency and recognize that beyond that point their duty and happiness both lie in the expenditure of moneys to further the well being of their fellow men. There are no strict guidelines on how these moneys should be spent. Part of the pleasure in philanthropy is determining where the greatest need exists at that specific time and place and meeting that need. The more involved the rich man is with the charitable expenditure of his funds the more satisfaction he will know. He will find himself in an atmosphere of love. He will have feelings of love for himself. He will love and be loved by his fellow man. His children will profit by his example and they will in turn emulate his philanthropy and the cycle of love will be established.

Charity in The New Age

The charitable expenditure of great personal wealth will be one of the features of the New Age of Love and Peace. Man will realize the great satisfaction of living a life of sharing, and those with the most material wealth to share will best know the joy of sharing. There will be a revolutionary change in the attitude of the world toward the endless accumulation of worldly goods. There will be an end of wealth so vast that it corrupts generations yet unborn. And this revolution will occur in the hearts of man. Those of great wealth will be moved to look into their hearts to see the emptiness of wealth for the sake of wealth, and to share their bounty with their fellow man in whatever way they deem most desirable. Do not doubt that this will happen. Look around you and see it happening already. It will become a mighty force for good in the New Age of Love and Peace. It is God's wish for man. It is God's plan.

In Marriage

The relationship most important in human life is the relationship between man and woman, most commonly between husband and wife. Part of maturity is involvement in a loving relationship or series of relationships with an individual of the opposite sex. This is not always the case, and of that I shall speak later, but it is the norm. The onset of adolescence sees stirrings in the human heart that begin the process of attraction for the opposite sex that culminates in the married relationship.

Today in much of the world marriage has changed in nature from monogamy to what could be called serial polygamy. Society has come to condone his serial polygamy, and the institutions of divorce and remarriage are firmly established in most societies. This change creates new problems and new challenges in the relationship between man and woman.

In God's eyes, the ideal relationship remains a single loving relationship between a man and a woman which spans the life of the partners. There is nothing more enriching to human life that the loving companionship of a faithful spouse from early adulthood through maturity into old age and death. To this end, man should not take lightly the institution of marriage. Both men and women should consider carefully the wisdom of joining together in love for the purposes of procreation.

In these loving relationships it is essential to make constant displays and expressions of love, partner to partner, parent to child, child to parent, and child to child. The early years of marriage and parenting should especially be marked by constant loving reassurances each to the other, a constant recital of love given and love received. If love is constantly reinforced, the marriage is strengthened immeasurably. Love feeds on love. Love regenerates love. Love expressed in word and deed is the food of marriage, the food of parenthood. There is no substitute for love, and love cannot survive without constant expression of love in both word and deed. It should be a custom in every marriage to begin the day with verbal assurances of love, husband to wife, wife to husband, parent to child, and child to parent. A day begun with expressions of love is a day blessed before it begins, and a day blessed is a day that brings happiness to a world starved for love. The love engendered within the family enriches the world. It brings a joy and stability to all the members of that family who are then better able to cope with the challenges that life offers, knowing they are loved and that nothing in life can challenge or diminish that love. This is God's way.


There are other aspects of family life that should be considered. When a marriage relationship flounders for lack of love on the part of one or both partners, the fabric of that marriage is strained. Often the partners continue in a loveless relationship in the belief that they should sustain the marriage for religious reasons. The prohibition of divorce is for some a sentence to a loveless life, a life that can be destructive in varying degrees.

The first consideration in such a situation should be the children, if there are any. While children thrive in the security and stability afforded by a sound marriage they are not insensitive to the insecurities of a strained relationship. If the marriage partners can continue to offer their children the total love that the children need, despite their lack of love for each other, and if there is harmony in the relationship, despite the lack of committed love, then every effort should be made to preserve the marriage until such time as the children of the marriage reach early adulthood. In cases where the partners in the marriage cannot find it in their hearts to maintain a harmonious environment within the family, there is danger to the emotional development of the children.

In some cases, the children will feel great anger at one or both parents. The parents must deal with this anger immediately and make every effort to overcome the anger with increased love. The child should be encouraged to express this anger and to try to understand its source. In some cases dealing with such anger may be beyond the parents' capabilities and require outside help, but at all times the treatment of the child must be loving, accepting, and totally understanding.

The death of a marriage is mourned by God, but the destructive potential of a marriage lacking totally in love and marred by conflict is mourned even more. Man must at all times and in all places approach marriage as a life long commitment, and if despite his best efforts the marriage fails, he must preserve the relationship of love with the children of that marriage and be responsible for them in every necessary way. In all aspects of marriage and parenthood husband and wife are equal partners and equally responsible in these matters, and each must in all cases attempt to maintain a cordial relationship with his or her former spouse. This is essential for the well being of the children whose loyalties are not then torn in conflicting directions, and the estranged partners will find that a pleasant relationship will help take the animosity out of a failed marriage.

Homosexuality and Lesbianism

There are those men and women who choose to have loving relationships with those of the same sex. These relationships have existed throughout history and have had varying degrees of acceptance. These relationships can be characterized by the loving devotion of one human being for the other, a love shared on a permanent or long term basis. Society has not legitimized these relationships, and those choosing to engage in them live in a shadow of non-acceptance by their fellow men, but the world is changing in its attitudes, and in the New Age of Love and Peace there will be a fuller understanding of the homosexual or lesbian way of life. God has designed these men and women to teach the completeness of love, to teach the rest of the world that love cannot be narrowly defined, that love exists in the heart, and that the heart speaks in many ways.

In these relationships, as in heterosexual relationships, there is danger in frivolity and instability. All men and women need the constancy of love, and a loving relationship between two members of the same sex can offer that constancy, but it is harder to achieve in a world which does not universally recognize the legitimacy of the homosexual or lesbian relationships. This has resulted in a militancy among these people which has, on the one hand, resulted in increased awareness on the part of the public, but has also resulted in increased alienation.

There is a great need for more understanding and interaction between the heterosexual and homosexual communities. There are loving souls in each community who know that the human heart is unified in love of God, that a different life style is not enough to separate man from man, and that there is no room for intolerance in the New Age of Love and Peace. It is God's wish that all men and women regard each other as brothers and sisters and that there be no intolerance among them, that there be an active loving relationship among them, and that each learn from the other. Love is not narrowly defined. It reaches across divisions of all sorts to embrace lovingly all those who join in the fellowship of man to find love for themselves, each other and God. This is God's wish.

The Mentally Ill

Others in our world today pose a threat to society because although they have not lacked love completely in their childhoods, they have suffered a series of experiences which have so marked them that they verge or descend into what we regard as madness. These individuals may be violent, but they may equally well live quiet lives, invisible to their fellow man but desperately in need of his love and his help. The world has been all too neglectful of these children of God. They should be cared for with the love that is their due as humans. Those given the gift of health should regard it as a privilege to offer them the assistance they need. All too often these unloved creatures are shut away from the sight of society, treated as less than human, and allowed to further deteriorate both physically and emotionally until death intervenes. They are regarded as little more than animals and treated as less in most cases.

Man needs to realize that these helpless children of God offer him a rare opportunity for spiritual richness. There is no greater reward than to see the spark of life in the formerly empty eyes of the mentally ill. A gesture of love can bring that spark. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that you are loving the unloved with deeds of love. At present, most societies make it difficult if not impossible to help those deemed mad. This must change. The institutions society establishes to care for its citizens declared insane must be reorganized to permit the introduction of human warmth and companionship and love into these institutions. There are many way to do this, but in all cases there should be programs that permit all men to help their less fortunate brothers who are institutionalized. There should be regular visitations of love to these strangers who are brothers.

There are, at present, those individuals in this group of mentally ill who pose a threat both to themselves and to their fellow men. In these cases the answer is to provide the most humane treatment possible with the necessary confinement, but the great majority of those we now house without regard to their emotional needs pose no threat to society. Indeed they offer their fellow man a rare opportunity to know the satisfaction of love given and received. As in many other things, this change will not be abrupt, but it will gradually be clear to society in the New Age of Love and Peace that it is a necessary change and it will come. It is God's plan.

The Physically Deprived

There are additional concerns that man needs to be aware of in the New Age of Love and Peace. One of these things is the absolute need for man to be concerned with the welfare of those deprived by nature of the ability to meet their own physical needs. This group of individuals is often not cared for adequately in today's society. I speak here of the physically deprived, the blind, the deaf, the malformed, the physically indigent.

These children of God have chosen to live their lives with their individual hardships both to know the joy of progressing toward God more rapidly and also to afford their fellow man the opportunity of displaying and embodying love of his fellow man. Those who care for the physically handicapped with love in their hearts are special children of God caring for special children of God. This is holy work.

Much of this care of the physically handicapped has been effected by private groups and institutions, and this is both acceptable and laudable, but more support for these groups should come from public moneys so that the care that they offer can be more universally offered. The need is great and man's response to this need is at present inadequate. More needs to be done and more needs to be done immediately. The child trained from birth to deal with his physical handicaps will mature into a loving independent adult to whatever extent independence is possible. The child neglected in this training is sentenced to exist in a world beyond his capacity to cope, and society suffers the loss of his ability to function effectively, and the individual finds it difficult to deal with his feelings of inadequacy and therefore to feel the love of self that is essential to his well being.

There should be more adequate training than now exists for the education and care of the physically handicapped of God's children. The need is great and those looking for a life of rewarding labor and devotion will find it in this field. There is no single answer in meeting this critical need in today's society. Rather a variety of solutions is the answer. The private and public sectors should join together to seek the best possible solutions to meet the needs of these special children of God. There should be no concern but love of these special children and there should be no goal more important than meeting their physical needs and in this way persuading them that they are worthy of love --- of love for self, love for their fellow man and above all love for God. This is a mission close to God's heart. Those who undertake this mission are twice blessed, blessed by those they aid and blessed by God in this special work.

Medical Needs

There are other groups of people who need special care and who are the collective responsibility of society. There are those who are so affected by disease that they need medical care. In society today there are tremendous variations in medical care from country to country. Some nations are very advanced in both medical research and clinical medicine. Others are suffering greatly from lack of facilities and lack of personnel. As with food distribution there needs to be a worldwide effort to share the benefits of medical knowledge, and the more advanced nations need to lead the way in aiding those nations in need of assistance.

The more advanced nations of the world vary considerably today in their methods of meeting the medical needs of their populations, and while there is no need for uniformity in this area, there is a need to meet the needs of all citizens, not just those who can pay for it. On the other hand, it is the obligation of governments to provide medical care for those who can not afford it themselves without in any way interfering with the practice of medicine that the profession deems most desirable. It is not in any way desirable for governments on any level to dictate to the medical profession how they will treat their patients. Medical training should instill into practitioners the social awareness that should animate medical practice. Most men and women caring for the sick at present are motivated by the highest ideals. Most retain these ideals even after repeated experiences with frustration and feelings of futility. There is no other profession which asks and offers so much in the way of learning to give and to receive love. Love animates the practice of medicine, and if occasionally this motivation is forgotten in the modern world, it lies close beneath the surface of consciousness, and it is easily recognized and renewed.

The care of the ill in all its manifestations --- research, education, clinical practice --- is God's work and deserves to be recognized as such. Those who are involved in this work need to search their souls to affirm and if forgotten to rediscover their devotion to the needs of their fellow men. They need to provide the leadership to insure that these needs will be met in all nations for all of their people. In this they need the active aid, assistance, and encouragement of all men. This is God's plan for man. This is God's wish for man in the New Age of Love and Peace.

Economic Exploitation

A second area of concern is the economic exploitation of those least able to help themselves. I speak here of the very poor, those who rarely have a voice in government, those whose influence must depend upon effective spokesmen. I spoke earlier about the absolute need to eliminate the inequities and indignities of the welfare system as it operates today in many parts of the world, of the need for adequate affordable housing for all, and of the need to provide employment for all who seek it. In addition I have suggested the wisdom of supporting those not able but willing to work or those temporarily unable to find employment with a simple grant of funds out of the public treasury. It is about this last aspect I wish to speak now. Many economists have spoken of the need for a negative income tax, a tax system whereby each citizen will be taxed according to his ability to pay, avoiding confiscatory taxes, and those citizens below a certain economic level will receive funds in proportion to their temporary or permanent needs. These funds should be more than minimum, but not extravagant, and each society must decide for itself the level of return and the means of return.

The administrative bureaucracy of the welfare system absorbs a disproportionate amount of the moneys available for the purposes of supporting those unable to support themselves, and the system currently is generally administered in a manner which robs the recipients of both dignity and hope. Society's aim should be to provide adequate freely given assistance to those permanently unable to help themselves and to provide freely given assistance to those temporarily unable to support themselves, while at the same time doing all that is necessary and possible to assist them to become self sustaining.

There should never be the slightest hint of denigration. All those involved should be aware that this is nothing more than an equitable sharing of God's bounty, that those in need are God's special children, and that at all times they should be treated as such. Little more needs to be said in this area. It is incumbent upon man to use his best efforts to assure that economic exploitation of any sort comes to an end, and that in the New Age of Love and Peace sharing the riches of society becomes the way of life that all men embrace freely. The giving and receiving should be done with open hearts and both the giver and the receiver will be enriched. There is no room in this new age for selfishness or insensitivity. Man must at all times be aware of the needs of his fellow man and he must at all times work actively to meet these needs in all areas of concern. This is God's wish for man in the New Age of Love and Peace.

Service to Others

The needs are great. All societies of the world today suffer from a lack of dedication to the concept of living a life in the service of others. This is partly a matter of attitude. Many individuals today are involved, of necessity, in service occupations. In some cases these individuals have chosen their work from a desire to benefit their fellow man. In other cases individuals choose lives of service because their options are limited and economics dictates the choice. In the world today the concept of service is by some considered demeaning. Others feel that it places them in the position of constantly giving and never receiving, and a degree of resentment is frequently felt. There is often the feeling that they are unsung, unappreciated, not highly regarded by the rest of society. They feel that society reserves its highest approval to those whose worth is measured in monetary reward. They feel that their fellow men underestimate their value.

The New Age of Love and Peace will see a sharp and dramatic change in attitudes. Man will realize that there is no higher calling than a life of service to his fellow man. It matters little what the field is. The possibilities are endless, but in each case the motivation must be clear, and the individual must feel a clear sense of purpose. He must of necessity be adequately compensated for his labors, but at no time is the compensation the primary motivation.

The education of the young must reflect this reordering of priorities. It must be made clear to the young in both the school and in the home that service in any field is a desirable calling. The young should be taught that the greatest satisfaction in life comes from working in the interests of mankind, motivated by love and a desire to be loved, and that these occupations of service given cheerfully, willingly, and lovingly are pleasing to God. There should be no feeling that service implies inferiority. Quite the contrary. Cheerful and loving service of any kind elevates the giver and creates a feeling of love given and love received. The world loves a cheerful giver, and the cheerful giver is blessed by this love. In all cases the world is enriched when the need of man to serve his fellow man with love in his heart takes precedence over the need of man to accumulate material wealth. The Age of Love and Peace will be the age of idealism, and the world will hungrily embrace the concept and practice of service to mankind. Selfishness will yield to brotherhood and sharing. Discontent will yield to self satisfaction and the security of knowing a job well done. This is God's plan for man.

The Discipline of Love

There will be in the Age of Love and Peace an awareness at all times of the relationship between God and man. This is not to say that formalized religious practices are an absolute necessity, but rather that God will live in the hearts of man at all times. Man will be aware of his God as a God of total love, a God who requires only love of His children. But this requirement is absolute. At no time should man forget that love of self, love of his brother, and love of God above all is necessary for his salvation both in his earthly and in his heavenly lives. I have said repeatedly that this love must not be an empty love, that it must express itself continuously in action, that all actions must be motivated by love, and that man will achieve happiness in both his mortal and immortal lives only in this way.

The giving and receiving of love must become a habit so ingrained that it is unthinkable to have any other response. This will at times require an inner discipline. When the ear hears harsh words, the tongue longs to respond with harsh words, and bitterness is born. The heart darkens and love diminishes. Man needs at such a time to remember the power of love and to overcome the temptation to respond to unkindness with unkindness. He needs the discipline of love, and he will then be aware of its power. Consider what happens to anger when its fires are not fueled. It dies. Consider what happens to anger when it is fed by returned anger. It grows and destroys. Consider what happens when anger is met by a loving response. Anger not only dies, but is replaced in the heart by a glimmer of love received, and the awareness of love given and love received transforms the destructiveness of anger into the blessing of love.

Let this, then, be the first and overwhelmingly significant change in the New Age of Love and Peace. The world will be transformed. Men's hearts and lives will be joyful and serene, anger will cease to be a constant threat to man's serenity, and love in action will be triumphant. All these miracles will grow from the simplicity of a loving response in all cases, at all times, and in all places. Patience, forbearance, and kindness will thrive in this age of love. Peace will mark the affairs of man on all levels and will grow from the love in action that all men demonstrate to each other in their daily lives. All strangers become brothers, and all brothers become one with God in total love.

The Need for Changes in Education

The entire goal of teaching should be effective problem solving, giving each individual student both the skills necessary to solve the problems he will face in life and an awareness of his own capabilities in this area. At no time should this, or any other subject, be taught from the top down. There is no room for absolute authoritarianism in the classroom, rather a seeking after the truth by students guided by a teacher whose wisdom and knowledge is a resource available to the students at all times in whatever way is most effective. This teacher is then in essence a mentor, and the training of the teacher should have prepared him well for this role. Beyond being a mentor, the teacher should feel an obligation to know his students well enough to understand their needs and capabilities. A feeling of love given and received should pervade the classroom and the learning process. Each student should feel free to discuss his needs and his concerns both with the teacher and his fellow students and feel confident of a loving reception and a loving response.

This approach to education should begin in the earliest grades and be continued throughout the years of education. The youngest child is capable of recognizing a problem when it exists in his narrow world, and he should be encouraged from the earliest age to recognize the root causes of the problems in his life and to seek solutions. A life long habit of thoughtful analysis will enable man to better understand both his own world and the world outside his immediate environment. Mutual understanding among men and a common effort to comprehend and solve the problems of society will mark the Age of Love and Peace, and the foundations for this understanding and action must lie in the education of the young.

At all times as the students are developing the skills of analysis and problem solving they grow in awareness of their responsibilities to their fellow students and of their own importance in the scheme of things. Each student realizes that he is a significant member of his society, that he is needed and appreciated by his peers, and that the feelings of love for his fellow students are engendered by their common needs and concerns and are nurtured by their awareness of their dependence on each other. Common bonds forged in childhood will survive into adulthood. Skills learned in childhood will serve the adult well. Above all the spirit of loving concern born in the classroom will survive and grow as loving concern in the world of the adult. All will be enriched.

Of Governments

Government came closest to ideal in the city states of Greece, but the present world is so complicated that a return to this ideal is impossible. It is possible, however, to improve existing forms of government by adopting sets of standards designed to improve the nature of the individual governments.

First of all, governments should be benevolent, that is their first concern should be the welfare of their citizens. This should be the first priority in expenditure of funds. I have already spoken of the need to dismantle the war machine in all the countries of the world, and there is beginning to be an awareness of this need among the great nations. Moneys previously spent on war and preparation for war should be spent on programs to insure the well being in every respect of all citizens, including housing, food, education, and recreation. The function of the central government should be to dispense funds for such programs to the individual communities implementing these programs. There should be decentralization of authority to the maximum possible extent so that both responsibility and control are on as local a level as possible. Bureaucracy as well as procedures demanding bureaucracy should be kept to an absolute minimum, concerning itself primarily with accounting for funds dispensed. The central government should rely on local governments and organizations for an honest appraisal of their needs, and in the New Age of Love and Peace there will be that honesty.

Secondly, those in power should be freely chosen by those ruled by this power. The method of choosing leadership will and should vary from place to place and time to time and it is the responsibility of the electorate to insure that the method of choosing leaders is both fair and efficient. Leadership should result from ability and willingness to assume responsibility in public affairs. All too often in the present world those most able to lead eschew public life because of distaste for the methods used in choosing leadership.

Each nation needs to look closely at its governmental forms and practices and take steps to reach as ideal a form as possible, keeping in mind at all times that government exists to serve the people and that at no time should this be forgotten. All else is secondary. Let the people speak, and they will speak with one voice of this obligation. There is no single pattern, no single form of government that will serve all people at all times, in all places, but at all times and in all places the purpose of government should be clearly benevolent. There is no exception to this rule.

International Cooperation

There is at present a wide gap between the developed and the underdeveloped nations in the capacity for scientific research and development. Up to now there has been intense rivalry and bitter competition in this area, and private enterprise has found itself in a virtual state of war with its competitors. This has served to inhibit any sharing of expertise in the interests of the furtherance of scientific knowledge. The time has come for a spirit of sharing and brotherhood to enter the market place in the world of scientific research and development. There should be established bodies of scientists on an international level to identify world wide needs on the basis of priorities and to encourage international cooperation among both private interests and governmental bodies to narrow the gap in both research and production among the most and least advanced in the brotherhood of nations

Once again, this may seem to be a utopian dream, but with each passing year the world becomes a smaller place with advances in communication and transportation, and each nation of the world needs to be aware of the needs of its brother nations and of its responsibility to share in meeting these needs. There must be a sense of sharing in all areas of scientific research and development among all nations of the world with the wealthier and more advanced nations assuming the responsibility of organization and leadership of these international bodies. To the greatest extent possible this leadership should be non-governmental. To whatever extent possible these bodies should be self supporting, maintaining to the maximum degree possible freedom from governmental interference and control.

The world should know of the need for all people to join together in a great effort to secure peace for all mankind. The business of war has been far too long in the hands of the few who govern. These few have for centuries made the choice of war over other means of negotiation when the prospect of conflict loomed, but the price of war was paid by all the people who had no voice in the decision. I have spoken of love as the greatest weapon, of the need for an end to nationalistic rivalries, and of the need to reshape society in ways that will foster the furtherance of peace.

All these are necessary steps to be taken. I have said that if love and peace reign in the hearts of man then love and peace will reign in the hearts of the nation and of the world.

International Understanding

Much of the hostility among nations is the product of fear, and fear is most often born of ignorance. Man tends to regard people who are unfamiliar with suspicion and latent hostility. This is true on every level, locally, nationally, and internationally, and in the matter of fostering peace in the world it is on the international level that man must direct his efforts. He must create international institutions dedicated to the furtherance of communication and understanding among nations so that there is a constant interchange of information and ideas among the peoples of the world. This is particularly important among the young. Each man involved in this worldwide effort should become responsible for conveying to his countrymen his knowledge of his neighbor in a foreign land, of allaying fears about the strangeness and the motivations of this brother in a strange country. These citizen ambassadors should at all times be aware of both the responsibility and power they hold in creating a feeling of kinship among the peoples of the world. It is not enough for them as individuals to achieve this understanding. It is their mission to share it widely and effectively.

There should be an end to the stereotypical image of the world's nations. Man must become aware of the common bonds among all men, and must understand that the differences associated with national identity are to be regarded with understanding and acceptance, not with suspicion and rejection. It is not enough for the leaders of the world to be well acquainted with their peers. The peoples of the world must be well acquainted each with the other, and they must speak with a single voice at all times of their hunger for a world of peace. Peace is born in love, and love is born in understanding.

There is no single road to understanding. Let man create many roads to understanding his neighbor in a foreign land. Let him cultivate knowledge and wisdom, and let him share this knowledge and wisdom. At all times let him remember that it is his responsibility to maintain peace in the world, that this responsibility is not to be surrendered lightly to those who rule. Let all the citizens of the world unite in this great endeavor to achieve peace through understanding and love and let them succeed. It is God's wish for man.

Aid to Needy Nations

It is God's wish for man that he be more aware than he is throughout the world today of the need for understanding of those nations driven by internal strife born of deprivation and greed. The disparity between the rich and the poor in worldly terms has never been greater in the history of man, and each passing year this disparity increases. It is in the nature of great wealth to compound itself, and I have already spoken of the need for the individual to recognize the point of sufficiency in the accumulation of material wealth.

Nowhere is the disparity between the very rich and the very poor more apparent than in the underdeveloped nations of the world today, particularly those striving to achieve a stable political system. These nations are particularly vulnerable to the machinations of their self-appointed leaders who may at first be sincere in their desire to provide effective leadership for their fellow citizens but who are soon corrupted by power and the trappings of power. They soon learn to ignore the pleas of their fellow men and set themselves up in positions of authority that they believe are impregnable, backed as they are by armed force. But armed force is not a faithful ally. It finds its challenge, and more frequently than not falls to that challenge, and the cycle of disruption and destruction begins anew.

I have spoken also of the need for intergovernmental peace keeping bodies devoted to avoiding international crises before they become critical. There is a need for help to troubled countries, those wracked by internal strife, from such bodies. There are today existing bodies which could assume the responsibility for aiding nations in need of outside assistance to achieve internal stability and prosperity. The tyrant finds his power in a society deprived of faith in itself, faith in its ability to survive, faith in its ability to govern itself in the ways of benevolence, and this lack of faith is most often based upon the failure of the society to supply its citizens with their basic needs, to provide them with a minimum level of comfort and security in their daily lives. It is not, in most cases, that the country's natural resources do not afford this level of material well being. It is that the riches of the country are disproportionately distributed, and when the tyrant seizes power the degree of disproportionate ownership of wealth increases.

What Man Must Do

Man shall not know total peace and love until several things happen. First, all that I have prescribed concerning governments, communities, schools, social living centers, and the family are implemented. In all these areas of human existence man must make alterations and reforms to meet the needs of those served and to insure that those needs are met in such a way that love can flourish. Man in great physical need finds it difficult, though not impossible, to love either himself or his fellow man. He feels himself inadequate to his needs and therefore unworthy of love. If there are others dependent on him whom he feels he is failing, the feeling of self deprecation increases and self love and love of his fellow man ceases to exist. He may still feel stirrings of love for those who love him, but as his feeling of self love disappears he will find it harder and harder to respond to love given to him. He forgets how to receive love and to return it tenfold in the bitterness of material failure.

Therefore it is God's wish that each of His children be well enough served by the institutions governing his well being so that his human physical needs are met adequately enough to permit him to feel love for himself and his fellow man. Love cannot flourish in a bitter heart, and the individual deprived for any reason of the bare necessities of life will find it difficult to keep bitterness out of his heart.

Secondly, each individual must assume responsibility for the well being of his neighbor. This can be done in many ways. First and foremost, each person must at all times and in all places treat each individual one of God's creatures, no matter how lowly, no matter how unattractive and unappealing he may be, with courtesy and love. No man should ever despise his brother or sister. No man should regard himself as superior to his fellow man because he has been blessed with more earthly advantages. He should be mindful at all times that these earthly advantages are a gift from the same God who is Father to his neighbor who is less endowed with earthly riches.


AIDS has caused panic among many groups all over the world. Identified with specific groups, it has caused fear and animosity to emerge in many hearts. It has increased intolerance toward the homosexual community, intolerance bred in ignorance and distaste. This is not pleasing to God. Instead of compassion, these individuals offer contempt toward their fellow man. Instead of fellowship, they demand discrimination and segregation. Instead of assistance, they offer self concern.

Man should look to his response to his brother's suffering and know that it is inadequate if it is not a response of loving compassion and willingness to be of help. Man should bend his best efforts to seek a cause and cure for all forms of this disease and to give generously, both privately and publicly, to this cause. This is now and will continue to be a massive undertaking and one which cannot be postponed or ignored. Man has been given the capability of dealing with his earthly problems, but he must find the will to use this capability. Above all, in this endeavor, man should act in sympathy and compassion and with full knowledge that he could have been the victim rather than the observer. This is a crisis of major proportions, a true trial of man's capacity for patience and love, both for the victims of this dread disease and for their fellow men.

Heed this admonition to join together in a common sympathy, a common awareness that no man exists alone, and a common determination to seek a solution. Let love prevail in all of this, a loving awareness that all men are brothers, that all men are children of God, and that at all times and in all places He is with them, easing their suffering and preparing the way. This is God's word.

The Divine Plan

Know this, then, that all human lives are trials. This is not a game God plays. There is no frivolity or capriciousness in God's governance of man's earthly existence. For all things there is a reason in heaven. At all times there is a divine plan, but in all of this, man is capable of error, of misdirection, of folly, of ignorance, of evil deeds. This is the nature of his earthly existence and the nature of the free will which exists on both the earthly and the heavenly planes, but it is equally the nature of the soul to seek perfection, and in his earthly life man must work for this perfection, sometimes against odds seemingly insurmountable, but man is born each life with the capacity to do as he has agreed with God, to live the life of his choosing and to progress toward spiritual perfection.

It is not within man's capacity to judge another's progress or perfection. This is a matter between God and the soul. Man must be a judge solely of his own spiritual progress in his earthly life and of the need to hear the voice of God and to heed that voice, for the voice of God is there for all who will listen. I have defined holiness as a seeking after God; that is all -- a seeking. And if man leads a holy life, a life of seeking God, he will find Him. He will find him in love----love of self, love of his brother, and love of God above all. And having found God in love, he need do no more. His life will bring him joy. His death will bring him joy. All the heavens will resound with praise of this man of God, this child of God, who in his earthly life learned the lessons of love and who will join the spirits in heaven in celestial love for all of God's creatures and for God Himself.

This is God's word. Listen well and ponder on all I have said in these pages. The dawn of the New Age of Love and Peace is here. Let all men see the light. Let all men embrace their brother in love, and let all men's actions be guided and motivated by this love. Let the joy of love exist in every heart and let man sing the praises of love. Let no man cower in fear. Love drives out fear. Let no man know loneliness. Love drives out loneliness. Let no man live in need. Love satisfies need. Let no man live in ignorance of love. All men must know love, the giving and the receiving, and all men must know the love of God in their hearts. Love is man's destiny. The perfect love he seeks to find will be his in the end. Seek it now in this New Age of Love and Peace. This is God's wish for man. This is the word of God.

The Equality of Male and Female

God chose at the very beginning of eternity when time began to be to create not man but man and woman as separate parts of Himself to be His companions and soulmates. From the beginning love was the motivating force in creation, and love found its most sublime expression in the love between man and woman. At all times God has been aware that each is the equal of the other, that woman is the life force equally with man, that she is the life force and nurturer, that she is the divinity in the form of woman. In the course of their successive lives all souls experience womanhood and all souls experience manhood, but at the creation an identity as man or woman is imbued into each soul and the soul retains this gender identity throughout its successive lives on earth, and in its final life assumes the form of its original identity and possesses a personality that is the synthesis of all its previous lives.

There should be no question in man's mind of the equality of male and female in God's eyes. God is both male and female, and when He chose to create His souls He divided His nature into two genders both for the purposes of procreation on the earthly plane and of creating the ideal relationship between souls for the creation and sustaining of both celestial and earthly love.

In each reincarnation the soul retains the characteristics of its essential personality, and carries forward into its succeeding lives some of its characteristics. In each life the characteristics that dominate will vary, but all are essentially contained in the soul, some dominant, others quiescent, for that existence. In all cases the soul retains its capacity for oneness with God from whom it sprang. In all cases the soul retains its relationship with its soulmate, the mirror image of itself, the male and female aspects of God the creator, and each set of soulmates, making a complete whole, enters into oneness with God together as a unit, as they have lived successive lives as a unit. In their human existence man and woman are not always aware of the relationship that each has had with the other as a soulmate, but that does not make the relationship any less of a reality.

In many societies and in many civilizations the balance of power between male and female, an equal balance in God's eyes at all times, has been lost and distorted. There have been brief examples in history of the dominance of the female, and the overwhelming dominance of the male in the annals of time is all too obvious. The reality of daily life has however been a very different story. The fabric of each society since time began has depended upon co-responsibility between male and female. Without the one the other is helpless and incapable of procreation, the essence of human existence, but historically in few places at few times has woman been accorded the power she deserves or the credit she has earned.

It is God's will at this time that the world acknowledge the full and equal partnership between man and woman that was the basis of His plan from the very beginning of creation and will continue to be His plan in all eternity. Let all men hear this clearly. All men are born of women. All women derive their powers of procreation from men. There is no inequality in this relationship. There is no inequality in God's eyes. Let there be none in the New Age of Love and Peace. The trinity of the New Age of Love and Peace is the trinity of total love. Mother, wife, daughter in one body and one soul. Father, husband, son in one body and one soul. All roles are sacred to God, and all roles have been known by God in His earthly lives. Let this be known as truth in the New Age of Love and Peace. This is God's word.

The Female Aspect of God

There is in God's plan new learning for man about the nature of the Godhead. There has been and there always will be a Supreme Being on the heavenly plane, the God of all creation, the ruler of the universe. I have spoken already of God's division of souls into male and female for the most sublime relationship of love given and received. I have said that God is both male and female, and I have indicated God's wish that man recognize at last the full equality of male and female in God's eyes. There is at all times awareness of this equality among God's spirits and angels on the heavenly plane.

At all times and in all places now should man know that the presence of God on earth in human form has always been both male and female in separate human bodies sharing an earthly existence. Each time that God has visited earth in the shape of a man he has visited earth in the shape of a woman who shared that life. Through the ages the spouse of God the Father has shared His earthly experiences and has been known on earth as woman. She has been a human in all of these lives indistinguishable for the most part from her earthly companions and loved ones, knowing nothing of her divine origin, facing the problems and temptations of earthly life as do all other humans. She has until now shared these earthly experiences in various relationships with God her spouse in heaven. She has been incarnated in all degrees of wealth, all degrees of power, all aspects of human experience. She has in all these lives been charged with the same responsibility as all other souls for conveying the message of love. Some of her lives have been ordinary; some have been extraordinary. All have been judged after human death.

To now God has been content with man's unawareness of the importance of His female aspect, of the true equal partnership between God and His spouse of all eternity, His soulmate since time began, His mirror image, His love of life and death, His beloved of all times and all places. Let man now proclaim that God is both male and female in equal parts, that in all His human manifestations He has shared His life with His beloved soulmate in all family relationships. They have lived among men in countless lives in varying degrees of fame and obscurity, richness and poorness, splendor and squalor, in all parts of the world throughout history, always in a relationship of perfect love. Let man know that each time God walked the streets of the earth, His beloved walked with Him. Let man know that the supreme love of all creation is the love between God and His beloved spouse, His Queen of Heaven, His equal partner in all things of earth and of heaven. Speak her name with reverence and love. She is called Marie.

Godís Charge to Man

It is the nature of heaven that all things transpire in a time frame unknown to humans and incomprehensible to the human mind. There is, as has been said, no past, present, or future in heaven as time is understood on earth, but rather a continuum of existence, a constant awareness of what has happened on earth, what is happening on earth, and what will happen on earth. The future is painted in broad strokes, and man has the capability of changing the future in both general and specific ways. When man listens and knows the will of God in his heart and follows God's path, peace and love prevail. When man fails to heed God's wishes and responds to the wiles and temptations of mammon, destruction follows.

At several points in history man has stood at a crossroads, a crisis point, and God has chosen in the past to send to His earthly children a message, a warning if you will, in His presence on earth. Look back in the history of the world and you will recognize these moments, these crossroads, when God took human shape and endeavored to speak to His children in words that they could understand and heed. The great teachers I spoke of earlier were divinely inspired, spokesmen for God in human form. Some of these great teachers were God Himself in human form, Jesus among them, and Moses at an earlier time in the history of man. And now, once again man is at a crossroads, a crisis point in his history, and God speaks to him now of the need for change in his earthly habits, in his earthly striving, in his management of the environment, in the habits of his heart.

God speaks to His children in this holy work and would have them listen closely to all they have been told, to ponder all that God has demanded of them, and to remember that since the world began there has been no other demand than that man should know love in his heart and let his actions be dominated by this love. Love is the only answer. Love is the total answer. Love is God's gift to man. The New Age of Love and Peace is now upon us. Let man rejoice in recognition of this New Age of Love and Peace. Let him join hands and hearts with his neighbor and let them, joined in the bonds of love, move into this new age with God in their hearts. Let fear and violence wither away. Let love and trust flourish. Let peace prevail. This is God's wish for man. This is the word of God.

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