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Introduction to and Highlights of Martin's Blessed Words

The Female Aspect of God

There is in God's plan new learning for man about the nature of the Godhead. There has been and there always will be a Supreme Being on the heavenly plane, the God of all creation, the ruler of the universe. I have spoken already of God's division of souls into male and female for the most sublime relationship of love given and received. I have said that God is both male and female, and I have indicated God's wish that man recognize at last the full equality of male and female in God's eyes. There is at all times awareness of this equality among God's spirits and angels on the heavenly plane.

At all times and in all places now should man know that the presence of God on earth in human form has always been both male and female in separate human bodies sharing an earthly existence. Each time that God has visited earth in the shape of a man he has visited earth in the shape of a woman who shared that life. Through the ages the spouse of God the Father has shared His earthly experiences and has been known on earth as woman. She has been a human in all of these lives indistinguishable for the most part from her earthly companions and loved ones, knowing nothing of her divine origin, facing the problems and temptations of earthly life as do all other humans. She has until now shared these earthly experiences in various relationships with God her spouse in heaven. She has been incarnated in all degrees of wealth, all degrees of power, all aspects of human experience. She has in all these lives been charged with the same responsibility as all other souls for conveying the message of love. Some of her lives have been ordinary; some have been extraordinary. All have been judged after human death.

To now God has been content with man's unawareness of the importance of His female aspect, of the true equal partnership between God and his spouse of all eternity, His soulmate since time began, His mirror image, His love of life and death, His beloved of all times and all places. Let man now proclaim that God is both male and female in equal parts, that in all His human manifestations He has shared His life with His beloved soulmate in all family relationships. They have lived among men in countless lives in varying degrees of fame and obscurity, richness and poorness, splendor and squalor, in all parts of the world throughout history, always in a relationship of perfect love. Let man know that each time God walked the streets of the earth, His beloved walked with Him. Let man know that the supreme love of all creation is the love between God and His beloved spouse, His Queen of Heaven, His equal partner in all things of earth and of heaven. Speak her name with reverence and love. She is called Marie.

Martinís Original Writings pgs 84-85

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