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Introduction to and Highlights of Martin's Blessed Words

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Channeled Books Download
MOBI EPUB PDF Martin’s Original Writings
MOBI EPUB PDF Revelations
MOBI EPUB PDF The Divine Nature of Man
MOBI EPUB PDF A New Endeavor
MOBI EPUB PDF Martin's Prayers
Channeled Past Lives Download
MOBI EPUB PDF Edam-Saleh and Inga-Pala
MOBI EPUB PDF Peter and Ann
MOBI EPUB PDF Remembrances
MOBI EPUB PDF Martin's Life Remembered
Autobiography - Marie Fox O'Brien Download
MOBI EPUB PDF Marie's Story

All Channeled books were written by hand on spiral notebooks. The writings were then recorded on the computer as written.

None of these books, with the exception of Marie's Story, has been edited. The words are exactly as they appear in the spiral notebooks.

The Epiphany Notebook Series contains excerpts from a series
of books channeled through the pen of Marie Fox O’Brien

The Notebooks listed below may be downloaded for personal use.

God’s Plan for Man
Hope for a changed world
Joy - Sorrow - Hope
All these are intertwined.
Our Divine Compact
We choose our own lives.
Faith and Prayer
Your direct link with the divine
Going Home
Death - Transition - Judgment
Virtues and Vices
The choice is yours.
Let love transform the world.
More about Transition
No need to fear death
Voices - the “Others"
The devil made me do it.
Teaching and Learning
From birth to death and beyond
Just a thought away
The Power of Love
Love lends meaning to our lives.
The path to inner peace
So much more to discover
Your heart speaks truth.
When will we learn?
Free Will - Purpose
Listen closely to your heart.
We have been here before.
One God for all mankind

The Epiphany Notebook Series Back Cover

In all of the annals of time, in all that has been written of divine will and privileged revelation, no words compare with those which come through this pen, this pen totally devoted to bringing to man direct revelation of the mind of God and His intent in human existence. Never has man dreamed of writing so precisely of the nature of God, of his divine identification with all those souls come to life, of his intent that man shall know the universality of God's love and full identification with all souls journeying through life.

I have spoken in words past of false prophets. They abound and they are to be abhorred. To the extent that man speaks for God with his own interests foremost in his message, he is one to be rejected and scorned. There are, however, and have been through the ages of man, dear and tender souls who have listened closely and who have proclaimed themselves messengers of God, having been entrusted with His truth. Through the ages, man has proclaimed many doctrines. Some have come close to assertion of truth insofar as they spoke of the one true requirement of the soul in progress, the single demand to live in love in all ways and to seek the elusive perfection of love for which all enlightened souls strive. These pure souls are all too rare, and all too often they are rejected by those who should listen most closely. More often man is beguiled by those claiming to speak truth who complicate the simple message of love so completely in dogma and ritual that the total significance of love as God's single and central requirement of man is obfuscated and forgotten.

These writings come, then, as direct communication heretofore unknown in the history of mankind, offering to a troubled world a single answer, an escape from doubt and confusion and a certainty of deliverance never before known. It goes without saying that man will in the end accept the truth that this pen speaks and has spoken, but the speed and extent of acceptance lies in the heart of man. In all things, man is free to accept or reject, and these words of God directly communicated can be rejected or accepted by man in his infinite capacity for choice.

It is too soon to know how quickly the will of man will bow to the certainty of faith, but bow it must, bow it will, and all men from the lowest to the highest will rejoice in the glory offered by the overwhelming nature of God's love for man, for all His children, bound to Him in love and faith and need.

(Quote from A New Endeavor)
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